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Monday, 27 June 2016

Well I intended posting up on 21st the longest day, but not quite managed to press the button. this is what should have been here last Tuesday.
So here we are way past the longest day and I have no idea where the last six months have gone to.
Bob put the topper on this morning (21st) and by lunchtime he was cutting the grass in the Big field. The going was very slow due to the thickness and height of the grass. The Hilly field and the Turn field may have to be done for hay if the machine has a job to cope.
The Sablepoot chicks that hatched at the beginning of June have now been moved to a bigger pen outside and are loving all the grass to run around on.

Charlie, Violet and Boris love to watch them.

Very late this year and all the conservatory plants are finally out for our so called summer. The Strelitzia plants all flowered earlier on so I am hoping for another show later on.
The Money tree is now over 5ft tall and 12ft around.
The Mimosa looked beautiful with its yellow flowers and has put a big growth spurt the spring, now just over 6ft.
I think I may have to buy 2 huge jardinières for them soon.
The lavender is looking good this year and a good harvest looks promising. Hopefully we shall cut in the last week of July.
So now after a busy day on the farm and at work Charlie is having a well earned sleep with "TeddyTeddy".
I emptied the overflowing rain gauge on the 21st and now at 8am on the 27th we have a reading of 0.4 inches.
Will it ever stop raining.