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Monday, 2 April 2012

Spring colour

How lovely, some gorgeous flowers in my house.............I just had to show you

This beautiful Amaryllis was supposed to flower at Christmas but I am so glad its flowering now.

My beautiful Jasmine has been flowering for two weeks now

Tha pretty mimosa has really struggled this winter, it startes to drop its leaves and I thought it was dying.............but then it just burst into flower.

Isn't this sweet, my granddaughter gave me this on mothers day. When the plant has finished flowering I can use the china watering can, so pretty.

I have put several pots of Daffs around the house as these are so pretty. I get them from Pete at Manor Farm and we sell them in the shop at 40p each or 3 bunches for £1

The spider plant has been producing babies for weeks so I am removing them and popping them into a hydrangea pot to make the roots grow.

In this pot I have 12 little plants.

AND.......last but not least I must show you my Money plant. It stands about 5 feet tall now, I don't think this picture does it justice though!

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