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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Normality? It will be when I find time to write a post !!

Getting back to normal....whatever that may be!
I suppose chaos arrived in late October and has been wreaking havoc ever since.(although since July has been testing with mum being more frail)
October: Mum and my sister-in-law went on a cruise and sailed straight into the first big storm of the winter.....then mum was ill on board. Myself in the meantime was coughing and spluttering with a bad cold ........not too bad so far.
November and December: With the cruise over mum was well, my sister-in-law however had the worst cold I have ever seen.....it floored her for 2 weeks (ugh). Then I got the cold and that was where the fun started as it decided to attack me in my lungs, so with numerous trips to the doctor, antibiotics and steroids, nebules, a stay in hospital, x-rays, ct scan, more antibiotics and steroids, on a breathing machine for 6 weeks, I relly was thinking that there would be no end to this.. With Christmas here mum became more ill and had to go in a residential home whilst I altered the house and arranged full time care.
January: More steroids, antibiotics and nebules. A trip to the chest specialist to declare me fit to fly so we could attend CHA at Anaheim, Los Angeles. As soon as we returned, mum had to go in hospital and was very poorly indeed.
February: Mum started to get better so we fought hard to get her home, and home she is....last Tuesday. She is doing sort of ok now with very small improvements each day. The carers are wonderful and we cannot praise them enough.
So now we are both exhausted, but happy. When I shall get back to normal ? Who knows.
Perhaps I may find time to write a post, you never know.

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