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Friday, 16 October 2015

Dream pies!

Thank you to the kind customer who left this lovely message a couple of weeks ago: 'Your pies are an absolute dream! They were an absolute winner at my last dinner party served with veg from my allotment!'

We have the following 'dream pies' on sale at the moment: Rabbit, Pheasant, Venison, Mixed Game, Mince & Onion, Steak & Guinness, Steak & Stilton, Steak & Mushroom, Steak, Chicken, Chicken & Mixed Veg, Chicken & Mushroom, Chicken & Leek, Chicken & Sweetcorn, Chicken & Asparagus, Chicken, Mushroom, Chicken & Apricot, Festive Guinea Fowl. Party sized pies are available for Christmas. Click here to view our pies: http://bit.ly/1J7nx6h

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